Chair of the Crypto and Digital Assets APPG welcomes the Government announcement to bring forward proposals for the crypto and digital asset industry.
  • CryptoUK
  • 2 February, 2023

Lisa Cameron MP, Chair of the Crypto and Digital Assets APPG, said:

‘As Chair of the Crypto and Digital Assets APPG in Westminster, I welcome the Government’s announcement to bring forward robust proposals for regulation of the crypto and digital asset industry.The UK has a strong track record as a leader in financial services and fintech, and there is huge potential for the UK in terms of economic growth, jobs and skills from a well regulated and responsible crypto sector.It is vital that Government ensures that consumer protection remains at the heart of any future regulatory framework for the UK crypto sector. Greater regulatory clarity for consumers and businesses will be key to making the Government’s vision for crypto a reality.I welcome the Government’s commitment to industry engagement in taking these proposals forward. Public and private sector collaboration will be key to ensuring that we develop a regulatory framework that is fit for purpose.I want to see the UK leading the way in crypto regulation and to shape its own regulatory approach to cryptoassets, which attracts inward investment, supports growth in the sector and champions high regulatory standards.’