Lisa Cameron MP: ‘You can’t keep your head in the sand and hope crypto goes away’
  • CryptoUK
  • 6 September, 2022

Chair of the Crypto and Digital Assets APPG speaks to Justin Cash at Financial News about the work of the APPG in Westminster and the importance of crypto regulation in the UK

“Politicians “can’t keep [their} head in the sand and hope it goes away… Millions now have some form of crypto in the UK.”

Lisa said the APPG is an important forum for policymakers and “is about bringing parliamentarians, regulators and industry together to discuss ideas.”She also spoke about the importance of looking overseas at the approaches towards regulation being adopted by other jurisdictions. No system is ever perfect,” she says, arguing the UK needs to take the top regulatory ideas from areas such as the EU and the US to create a “bespoke” regime based on best practice.Lisa also spoke about the “practical, everyday applications” of blockchain technology including the potential for faster payments, less bureaucracy and greater financial inclusion. She is also interested in “how blockchain can support foreign aid to trace exactly where it has gone and how it is being spent to make sure it reaches the most vulnerable. Stopping sanctions evasion and getting funding to regions such as Ukraine are other examples.”

You can read the full Financial News article (£) here