CUK host the HMRC at the first 2020 (semi annual) Roundtable in London
  • CryptoUK
  • 14 June, 2020

In February CUK hosted the HMRC and our members to discuss the past, current and future developments regarding taxation of crypto-assets in the UK.

Highlights of the session included

HMRC education update

  • Internal communications
    • 2hr CA training sessions for all HMRC front line staff
  • External communications
  • Working with traditional tax agents
    • HMRC operated roundtables with Lawyers, accountants, academics etc
  • Working with industry
    • CUK & GDF

CUK questions HMRC to seek further clarity on the following

  • Consistency within the UK
  • Global consistency
  • Stablecoins & CBDC’s
  • Enforceability on DEX’s

If you wish to join the debate please contact us at –