Ian Taylor reacts to comments and responses made by Economic Secretary, Andrew Griffith MP, during the Treasury committee ‘Inquiry in to Crypto-assets’
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  • CryptoUK
  • 11 January, 2023
In this CityA.M. article published 10 January 2023, Chris Dorrell reports on of the evidence hearing held earlier that morning in Parliament.  CryptoUK Board Advisor Ian Taylor responds (pg. 4) to the comments and responses to questions posed by Treasury Select Committee to the called witnesses.

Ian Taylor reacted:
We felt the general rhetoric was positive. It’s clear there is a real appreciation for the opportunities within the sector and the promise to foster growth and innovation with the near term goal of developing UK stablecoin solutions.  We also feel positive about the acknowledgement that the recent events have highlighted some issues previously raised about regulatory clarity.  They have been brought back onto the agenda for further discussion and debate.’

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Witness(es): Andrew Griffith MP, Economic Secretary, HM Treasury; Laura Mountford, Deputy Director, Payments and Fintech, HM Treasury; Daniel Rusbridge, Deputy Director, Financial Services Strategy, HM Treasury